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Yet another data breach!

Another day another data breach, only this time its a big firm once again that gets reported on – Three – the mobile phone operator. 

Police have arrested three men in connection with a recent data breach at Three, two men from Manchester and one from Kent were picked up by the National Crime Agency (NCA) as part of the investigation. 

Arrested for suspicion of computer misuse offences the men had unlawfully intercepted upgrade devices that they had obtained details for through accessing a database of customers who were eligible for upgrade.

Three have stated that an increased level of handset fraud and retail store burglaries has occurred in recent weeks as a result with over 400 high value devices stolen.

This comes only a month or so after the TalkTalk breach which had 160,000+ customers personal data being accessed and an ICO fine of £400,000 to the company. 

The ICO has stated that a large number of bank account details including sort code and account numbers were accessed as a result. 

With more and more high profile cases (including the recent Sage case) and the data protection act & GDPR becoming more front page news – smaller firms need to pay attention to what is happening in their own businesses. 

In Derby alone in the last 3 months we have seen dozens of cases of cyber security and data breaches occur – most commonly customers of the business will find out before the proprietors themselves. 

It is time that SMEs, professional service companies and manufacturers in particular wise up to the very real threat of data breaches and cyber security attacks.

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