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Putting Kosovo on the map

It shouldn’t be such a difficult task, the region is filled with wonderful people, great food and incredible sights to explore. Not to mention the growing economy and location in Europe that Kosovo has means for business its a great opportunity for growth.

When I first visited Kosovo and I heard the comment from startups over and over again “we are putting Kosovo on the map” and in their own way they are doing.

Much of what we are doing at Velez with our new office in Kosovo and soon to be very busy centre of excellence is to do just that. We have interviewed, hired and recruited so many staff already that I’m proud to have met some of the brightest people in the region.

Our mission is not just to put Kosovo on the map – but to help individuals play their part too in this.

Whether you are a local startup taking part in the activities and opportunities in the Innovation Centre of Kosovo (ICK) or you are working for a company in the region, please reach out and let me know how you are helping to put Kosovo on the map!

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