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Local economy, Richard Branson, web design and Coca Cola

Local economy, Richard Branson, web design and Coca Cola

It’s not unusual to be working on exciting projects but when one of your projects is put in line for the likes of Richard Branson to review, it gets the staff motivation pumping that much higher.

Whether it’s building mobile apps which I discussed last month, or fuelling our development team with Coca Cola and Red Bull to get the very best out of their creative abilities and the long hours they put in to produce incredible results — as a local Derby-based business we are always looking to the future and how our web team producing mobile responsive ecommerce sites, tie in with the marketing team and can continue to push local businesses forward and help the local economy.

This year we added a digital marketing team within our business with social media and online advertising operating as a perfect combination to our ecommerce clients. We are actively looking to grow each team within the company.

It’s no surprise that as a fast growing digital agency here at iBox we get to work on some incredible projects for some fantastic clients across the country who have one goal in common — to improve their online businesses in this digital era. That said our biggest pain point is finding the talented individuals to join our team as there is a severe lack of web designers, developers and high quality digital marketers in the local talent pool.

As a result we focus heavily on internal training and looking at recruiting with a more open mind than most when it comes to educational background. So that we can continue to grow our team as we expand our strong web and software development teams we need to in this era look towards not just who has a piece of paper stamped with a degree qualification but who is making waves and developing ideas of their own, who is putting together their own online projects and have a drive for success.

Saturday mornings I run Code Club in Derby which teaches a class of 9–11 year-old children to code and how to build games. This is merely the start of what I believe as a employer and local business we can give back to the community.

With ambitious growth plans to expand the team over the next 12 months coupled with a great order book of new contracts we are looking to next tackle some of the problems in our industry closer to home with a number of projects which will be announced over the coming weeks.

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Mobile app development: I looked — you’re doing it wrong

It seems forever ago since we got that first iPhone in our hands, but in reality it was June 2007, eight years ago…

The first iPhone came out without the app store — it was web apps only, something which raised a lot of concern for the developers of the world.

A year later in 2008 the second generation iPhone was released complete with the app store — available to everyone and developers were happy. The only problem is most iPhone developers pretty much stopped there. With the exception of run away hits from the likes of King and the Candy Crush Saga games — there haven’t been that many real apps of significance from developers particularly in the business world.

I won’t lie, we build iPhone and iPad apps for clients, have we revolutionised any businesses — that’s probably a stretch but what we have done is provided enormous value to their companies through doing so. The problem stems from the fact that many businesses don’t know what they want, they claim every year its ‘the year of the app’ — this simply isn’t the case. It’s like proclaiming its the year of the car…

We have analysed a number of apps produced by companies in the East Midlands, found some to be suffering the same issues Moonpig went through — leaking millions of credit card numbers, some are websites sat in an app frame and the list goes on. What needs to happen is developers need to work closer to businesses and realise its not about using a dummy app they have built before and simply repurposing it for the next client in just a few short hours. It’s about adding value to the clients business, adding revenue streams or simplifying processes to lead to more productive environments — not overcomplicating systems or creating apps that deliver no more value than a website would.

You don’t need an app — when a website will suffice — an app may run into the thousands of pounds to create and thats just for one platform, maybe you have users on Android or Windows (who knows) and these are all separate apps, you shouldn’t be trying to squeeze the same app into different phones or tablets expecting it to run and be something your customers or users would enjoy.

The year of the app came and went in 2008, the marketing is wrong and the thought process is wrong. We actively promote the fact that app development is a long term process, its not going to be done in a few months nor should it be thought of as a replacement for a website. The real facts are your business may very well need an app but probably not for the reasons you can think of — perhaps its your staff that need it and not your customers.

Perhaps that development shop that told you an app to display your restaurants menu is a great idea simply want to increase billables and don’t care about your business.

Take it from me, the year of the app is irrelevant — your business is what’s important, regardless which device, screen size or type of customer you deal with.

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Another city employer joins academy project

ANOTHER employer academy has been added to Derby College’s portfolio of links between itself and businesses, which are intended to benefit students’ job prospects.

The latest company to form a partnership is web and software development company iBox Security, which is based in the city’s Cathedral Quarter.

The firm has an apprenticeship programme, offers internships to university and college students and works with Derby City Council to support IT and coding teaching through schools and libraries.

The iBox Web and Programme Development Academy is the next step in the company’s commitment to skills development, according to managing director Sean Price.

He said: “Our industry faces similar challenges to those in construction and engineering. Although young people have the interest in and passion for technology, they often do not come out of college or university with the up-to-date skills that are relevant and viable in a business environment.

“Web and software development are fast-moving and are led by industry rather than the education sector. We relish the opportunity to work with the college to ensure students have the skills and attitudes we need as employers.

“We will be offering master classes for IT students, work placements for academy members and everyone will be guaranteed an interview for jobs and apprenticeships at the end of the course. We envisage taking on one or two young people as part of our expansion plans.”

Other employer academies are: Atlas Building and Groundworks Academy; Cricket Derbyshire Hospitality Academy; Cricket Derbyshire Sports Academy; Derby Telegraph Media Sales Academy; EPM Technology Advanced Composites Academy; Huub Marketing and Product Development Academy; and The Finesse Collection Professional Cookery Academy.

Interviews with employers are being held and the first students will join the academies this month. This will be followed by recruitment in October for September 2016.

For details about the academy programme, call 0800 0280289 or visit

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eCommerce sales through social media

Did you know there are over 200 social media platforms?

Did you also know that a handful of these could actually drive REAL sales through to your online business. 

Since building our marketing division in house, after exponential growth over the last year, we have excelled in social media marketing. From running seminars in the early days of social 2007 – 2009 to developing our own social media marketing strategies internally ever since we have seen an incredible amount of business revenue from social media.

With these lessons learnt it was a no brainer to help our ecommerce clients profit from this knowledge. Strategizing and executing social media marketing for clients we have seen sales double and some more with some of the companies we work along side.

We find many companies use social media neither effectively nor efficiently, placing our reputation on the line – ecommerce clients have been queuing up to test our social media team. Such success from this we are actively growing our digital marketing team to accommodate client demand.

Facebook are forever restricting businesses policies and chances of making sales through traditional Facebook business pages with its algorithms limiting 5-10% of the audience to seeing your page content. Businesses all over the UK are wasting money hand over first by clicking that little BOOST button to pay for their content to gain more exposure – you couldn’t be doing anything further from the right thing!

We as a company beat targets without spending tons of money on ads like most business do! Facebook is really trying to make everyone spend on ads now and most still think that it is the only way to execute on Facebook.

A recent client invests a few hundred pounds in Google ads and Facebook ads and sees a tiny return, the same investment with our social media team drove a couple thousand pounds of directly attributed sales through their online store. 

The best thing is….the following months – it only got better.

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Alzheimers — Ben Nevis Trek

So next weekend I’ll be lacing up my hiking boots (June 19) and trekking through the night up Ben Nevis in a bid to raise money for the Alzheimers society and it is planned that we shall reach the summit at sunrise the next day, I’ll be doing this with a group of other fundraisers from The Alzheimers Society.

As I used to sit on the executive board of a care home I have seen first hand what a debilitating disease that Alzheimers can be.

More research needs to be done into this disease, which effects over 850,000 people in the UK alone. The Alzheimers Society does some fantastic work, and more local businesses should pledge to support them- Especially as 42,000 sufferers being diagnosed, are still of working age.

The organisers originally set a fundraising target of £400, the sponsorships have rolled in despite little effort on my behalf with being so busy the last few months. So far I’ve raised £600 and would love to hit £1000 for the charity.

The support so far has been amazing, and I cannot thank the people who have already donated, enough. To have already surpassed my original target which is unbelievable.

To sponsor me, please visit:

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