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Modern Day CEO

I remember reading an article titled “A Chief Executive Whose Office Is Wherever She Happens to Be” and it was touted almost as something to be impressed by. But in reality, whether you are a CEO or many other position in modern day business are we not all ‘somewhat’ remote workers now?

A smartphone, a laptop and other devices allow Deborah Schwarz of the LAC Group to get her work done while she’s on the move.

NYTimes Article

Whether we like it or not in this digital world we live in – many of us are remote workers or at least in part. Between iPhones with email, Whatsapp group texting and Slack we can be “on” 24/7 almost.

Whilst this may not be great for our mental or physical health and should be self-regulated to an extent. It did cause me to sit back and think for a few minutes on what exactly does a modern day CEO ‘office’ look like.

Perhaps gone are the days of the corner office in the build shiny glass buildings – but certainly I would suggest any CEO who has an actual office will have a dedicated setup perhaps – a set space where they can spend most of their work time.

In my case for example I’ve always liked to have an identical setup in my home office as to my ‘real’ office. Whether that is a full desktop (iMac) setup at each location or a docking situation to setup a laptop in – either works.

Being paperless helps – greatly – as a tech company ourselves we do our best to be as much ‘in the cloud’ and paperless as we can get away with. Relying on cloud technology shouldn’t be thought of as the only solution out there but certainly works for us and as a CEO who travels a lot – having devices that sync effortlessly to the cloud is crucial for ongoing productivity.

Having those systems and processes in place – and I refer to not only cloud systems but those processes that having great people in the business creates. Knowing who does what, how and where with ease and transparency means that every person in the business from the engineer to the CEO can operate at their best capacity at all times.

At Velez – our aim is to provide incredible customer service through our service delivery excellence methodologies and something that we continue to invest in consistently. Focusing on our customers as much as we focus on ourselves internally.

As with any organisation that have multiple offices globally, I don’t believe a video call once a week/month will suffice. You cannot expect employees in another office to feel as integrated with the company culture as those who are in the same office as you daily. So whilst we do regular video calls, I also spend a lot of time on flights visiting teams in various locations but also visiting our clients and having regular face to face meetings around the world.

The modern day CEO spends a lot of time not only in meetings, but writing, communication after all is key and with offices around the globe both the vision and mission of the company needs to be kept on a larger scale. We almost celebrate ‘remote working’ now a days as if it never happened before – but many of the worlds organisations have been remote working for years we just never classed it as such.

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