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Invest in Kosovo

Taken from a recent interview:

British businessman, Sean Price, opened Velez Managed Services (Kosovo) branch last year, which focuses on information technology and in a statement for the portal “FrontOnline ‘, talks about what pushed him to invest in Kosovo.

“I had spent some time advising a startup in Kosovo on how to grow internationally, the business I was advising had financial problems and given my background in previously running a successful business, I decided it was time to start a new company and have a base in Prishtina and build something sustainable for the people”.

Price talks about Kosovo as ‘a hidden gem’ and calls for more sustainable investment in the region.

“It’s a hidden gem for sure, as with most developing countries, there are areas that still need investment and work to be done. However Kosovo is a place full of intelligent and hardworking people with a drive to succeed. There are some beautiful spots to visit like the rivers and mountains throughout the region. But above all, it is a place where people can grow personally, professionally and financially with the help of investment from international businesses like ourselves”

Velez Managed Services currently a large office in Prishtina and that has several positions open for hiring additional staff in several key positions, Price told FrontOnline that he is very proud by the work they do and the talent Kosovo has to offer.

“The people really are extraordinary. We have employed many people from different parts of Kosovo, currently we have open several positions for some key roles in our company, Kosovo has talented people all around there’s no doubt about that”

Price also spoke about the impact that coronavirus could have on the economy, explaining that after the spread of this pandemic all over the world many workers will lose their jobs and that many businesses are closing.

“Coronavirus will have a major impact on the economy all over the world, many workers will lose their jobs, as large enterprises suffer with a lack of revenue and both small and medium sized businesses are being forced to close” added Price.

The British businessman says that in order to ensure the safety of workers in all of their offices including Kosovo, all employees were sent to work from home before the pandemic took hold and will not return until it is deemed safe to do so.

The company “Velez Managed Services”, currently operates offices in UK, Kosovo and most recently USA.

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