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Hibbert & Global IT

When we think of Global IT and Infrastructure, we often think large scale data centres, technology bound for maintenance on a regular basis or just racks of servers and storage that sit blinking away.

When I found Alex Hibbert blog post on Satellite phones and Wifi solutions in a global environment it really hit home because we think in such niche situations more often than not.

Having working technology in the most remote environments, isn’t considering “our IBM server is down in Mexico” its more a case of when you are really remote and in severe weather conditions – can you operate, can you communicate and most of all can you survive!

Hibbert goes on to talk about the Iridium Go mobile satellite Wifi terminal and summarises nicely his thoughts in the article.

Things are on the move in the satellite tech world, from reliable basic comms to tracking, and in particular in the quality of media we can beam back. GTC have been keeping me in the loop with what to expect next and are on hand to problem-solve when the need arises – a vital human resource with technology that both benefits, and suffers, from being on the cutting edge.”

Global technology has come along way in the past decade or so and I highly recommend if you are into adventures, technology or just curious about where things are in this niche part of technology you take a good read of the original article which can be found on Alex Hibbert website:

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