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Global Third Party Maintenance Gold Sponsors

Velez Managed Services a recognised European leader in global third party maintenance across data Center and enterprise hardware has continued its efforts in giving back to the industry through becoming a GOLD sponsor of the Service Industry Association.

Velez Managed Services - Gold Sponsor in Third Party Maintenance association SIA

Service Industry Association (SIA) was founded in 1985 as NCSN (National Computer Service Network) as the leading trade association for companies engaged in the repair of electronic hardware and in support of the high tech service industry. The association was formed to provide business-to-business network to promote partnerships between member companies. The name was changed in 1999 to reflect the association’s scope and global reach. Today, SIA members include companies from the Americas, Europe, and APAC that support the high technology service supply chain.

Service Industry Association Website

In the hardware world of global third party maintenance (TPM) there are but a few key players as the continuous activity of mergers and acquisitions, venture capital and private equity takes the industry in various directions.

As a privately held company, Velez Managed Services continues to grow, develop and promote the value of the industry, the benefits of TPM and how our maintenance and professional service offerings around the globe.

By becoming a GOLD sponsor of the SIA, we endeavour to continue our support and admiration for the industry at large by contributing further still to the association in addition to being a board member of the SIA.

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Professional Services & Engineering Careers

In our professional services team – whether its a technical bid manager role or joining the engineer dispatch team – at Velez we endeavour to give everyone the best possible work environment.

Our professional services team cover everything from project planning, hardware procurement, onsite engineering resources and WiFi surveys using the best technology around.

The team responsible for all of this work, form a very robust and rapid delivery service from Onboarding new engineers through our careers and development process up to dispatching them around the globe to work on projects small and large.

Professional Services @ Velez

Our new careers hub ( has been built with rapid hiring in mind and Q4 is no different.

If you have what it takes to demonstrate your skills, knowledge and drive, get in touch and lets talk.

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Data Center Maintenance During COVID

It should come as absolutely no surprise that during this COVID pandemic that data Center maintenance and professional services surrounding the same has been problematic for many around the world.

Making sure that enterprise clients and large corporates are able to keep up and running and that their data Center maintenance is upheld during times of increase demand from customers, remote workers or heavy flows of traffic has been something the team at Velez Managed Services have been working on around the clock.

During this time, our team of engineers, backed by our word class 24/7 service desk has enabled our customers to remain at peak performance across their various locations around the world.

Data Center maintenance services from Velez Managed Services

Data Center maintenance at this point has been seen as an increasingly critical part of the enterprise environment and many large corporates.

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NICSA Vendor Management

NICSA has an upcoming webinar entitled “Modernizing Vendor Management and Strategic Partnership Models” – something that be it in IT services or many other sectors is a crucial part of delivering great customer service.

With more focus on digital transformation and the ever popular ‘remote working’ situation that organisations find themselves in at the moment, its a must that businesses need to review their take on vendor management particularly service led organisations.

NICSA has a great amount of useful content and resources around matters relating to asset management and vendor relations as has been a great tool for researching into new channels of exploration.

NICSA Vendor Management Webinar
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Careers in third party maintenance

In the third party maintenance business, we have seen a gradual increase in transactional business throughout this COVID-19 pandemic, whilst other areas of the business have been affected negatively.

Whilst the world is in undoubtably the most unpredictable time in history, it has been sad to see so many people put into redundancy or situations where job security is uncertain.

Whilst we all try and adjust to the ‘new normal’, here at Velez Managed Services one of the things I’m most proud of is not only how our team have adapted and dealt with the global pandemic but thrived and indeed brought on more than a dozen new starters during this period.

The third party maintenance team at Velez are still looking to hire further staff and of course looking for the best talent globally.

Don’t worry too much about whether or not you have a specific qualification from a college/university – show interest, determination, learn the culture and approach we take and get in touch today.

Third Party Maintenance Careers
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