Gartner Report Recognises Velez

What a wonderful end to August, a. month of holidays, new business deals, new staff members joining the Velez team.

Velez Managed Services have been recognised in the latest Third Party Maintenance report by Gartner by Christine Tenneson. 

In addition to other European TPMs from NICSA funded fortitude global the Derby based broker to recently announced 3i purchase Evernex in France.

Along side other Service Industry Association (SIA) members we are incredibly proud to be on this list and demonstrates the hard work and effort our team has gone through to get here. 

Check out this article for more info

Third Party Maintenance in Canada

When it comes to providing global hardware third party maintenance in Canada there are few solid choices around. We recently visited Toronto for the Service Industry Association event hosted by Keltech.

Keltech 2019 hosting the Toronto Service Industry Association Round Table Networking Event

Some of the Velez senior executive team attended the Toronto event this week to meet up with our Canadian friends at Keltech as well as other partners, clients and new members of the SIA.

Velez (Kosovo) Managing Director – Albion Sutaj

Back when we explored options around launching our company into South Eastern Europe – it became glaringly obvious we should do so in Kosovo.

Why so? Outsourcing in Kosovo is prime right now, its a location that I had great experience and admiration for particularly after having seen first hand the level of skills that was on offer.

One thing that we were very keen to establish was a real local presence, not to have some British company ‘lord over’ how the business ran out in Kosovo. So we put in place Albion Sutaj as Managing Director of our Kosovo operations.

I had met Albion when he was working on some AT&T/Tech Mahindra projects back in 2018 at Kosbit and it was clear to me that he was a highly skilled, valued and capable individual that needed his next adventure in his career.

I’m a firm believer in where possible keeping operations local, with local people and local culture. One of the primary examples of how we have been expanding in South East Europe and in particular Kosovo was this key hire. Albion works with a fantastic team over in Kosovo for our IT outsourcing and BPO offerings.

With a highly skilled workforce, led by a peer and local businessman such as Albion – we are highly confident our new operational centre in Kosovo will continue to grow and be a great success.