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COVID-19 & Maintenance

One of the interesting things we have come to notice during this global pandemic is the rush for many organisations to re-look at their third party maintenance options, particularly around storage maintenance.

Whilst as a company we have remained fairly quiet, not advertising or promoting our services to take advantage of the global crisis – instead we have hunkered down put ourselves to work and continue to deliver service excellence.

One thing that has become apparent is that storage maintenance particularly around EMC VNX storage and HP storage we have noticed a large increase in demand for during this period.

It should come as no surprise really that during these times corporations are looking to ensure the integrity of data but also that of continued service as demand grows around the world for almost every service provider and corporation out there.

I’m proud of not only our efforts to help those in need during this crisis, but more so of the millions of people around the globe doing everything they can to help the planet return to some sense of normality in the months to come.

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Kosbit Ltd

A puzzle made up on thousands of tiny pieces, a hobby I’ve always enjoyed and as part of what is being built with Velez Managed Services – our global third party maintenance business we have purchased certain assets of Kosbit Ltd.

Whilst formal plans and strategies around this won’t become apparent until Q3 – its an important piece to our overall corporate strategy and the things we are putting together in our own puzzle.

I’m really pleased to see that the work that’s being done, both operationally and from that of our people within the organisation has not been deterred by the goings on from covid-19 rather its become something that has brought everyone a little closer together still.

Keep safe.

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