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Break Fix Maintenance Matters

In a world where a select few break fix maintenance companies are moving more towards managed services and recurring revenue models in order to increase declining sales in other areas, it is important to remember the value of break fix maintenance as a business model itself.

Whilst managed services and monthly recurring revenues are great for the IT support business itself, often times they can leave a sour taste in the mouth of the client. Naturally this depends on the client, infrastructure, project or reason behind going down the route of managed services vs break fix maintenance but overall there are pros and cons to both solutions.

A breakfix maintenance contract is still used in many instances today for enterprise and data Center environments but a managed service contract will typically allow for more predictable costs and better alignment between the client and the support provider.

The breakfix maintenance model has typically been a source of stress and poor client relationships with complicated billing and largely Unpredictable revenue.

Done well breakfix maintenance is still a workable model for many and something that at Velez we continue to offer where necessary. It can be much more flexible in the approach and with our mix of technology And integrated platforms we can consolidate and optimise billing and improve service delivery all whilst keeping great client relationships.

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