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Month: July 2015

eCommerce sales through social media

Did you know there are over 200 social media platforms?

Did you also know that a handful of these could actually drive REAL sales through to your online business. 

Since building our marketing division in house, after exponential growth over the last year, we have excelled in social media marketing. From running seminars in the early days of social 2007 – 2009 to developing our own social media marketing strategies internally ever since we have seen an incredible amount of business revenue from social media.

With these lessons learnt it was a no brainer to help our ecommerce clients profit from this knowledge. Strategizing and executing social media marketing for clients we have seen sales double and some more with some of the companies we work along side.

We find many companies use social media neither effectively nor efficiently, placing our reputation on the line – ecommerce clients have been queuing up to test our social media team. Such success from this we are actively growing our digital marketing team to accommodate client demand.

Facebook are forever restricting businesses policies and chances of making sales through traditional Facebook business pages with its algorithms limiting 5-10% of the audience to seeing your page content. Businesses all over the UK are wasting money hand over first by clicking that little BOOST button to pay for their content to gain more exposure – you couldn’t be doing anything further from the right thing!

We as a company beat targets without spending tons of money on ads like most business do! Facebook is really trying to make everyone spend on ads now and most still think that it is the only way to execute on Facebook.

A recent client invests a few hundred pounds in Google ads and Facebook ads and sees a tiny return, the same investment with our social media team drove a couple thousand pounds of directly attributed sales through their online store. 

The best thing is….the following months – it only got better.

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